Case Study: Zimmer Biomet

by | Jun 10, 2020 | News

Company Background

Zimmer is a worldwide leader in the health care industry who who employ over 8,500 across the globe since their founding more than 80 years ago. Their creative solutions range from joint replacement technologies to supporting clinicians and surgeons to restore mobility in patients.

Goals & Challenges

Zimmer instructed CC Hydrosonics to design and manufacture multiple custom ultrasonic cleaning systems which would ultimately achieve the following goals.

• Reduce cycle time per unit while maintaining or improving cleanliness criteria
• Reduce unscheduled downtime of existing processes
• Reduce energy costs
• Data Logging for Validation Purposes
• Real time pH Monitoring to more accurately measure solution quality
• Increase Process Control

Solution & Outcome

• 25% Reduction in total unit processing time. This equated to 586 extra units being produced per day.
• Unscheduled Downtime reduced by 60%
• Energy costs reduced by 30%
• Detergent costs reduced by 20%
• Reduced labour costs in process monitoring due to increased process control and automation
Due to the success of the project Zimmer placed orders for several more systems and are an
ongoing, repeat client of CC Hydrosonics.

Case Study: Safran Aerospace

Case Study: Safran Aerospace

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Response to Covid-19

Response to Covid-19

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