Case Study: Safran Aerospace

by | Jun 10, 2020 | News

Company Background

Safran is an international, high technology group and tier 1 supplier of systems and equipment in the Aerospace and Defence markets.

Operating worldwide, Safran has nearly 58,00 employees and logged sales of 15.8 billion Euros in 2016. Comprising a number of companies, Safran holds alone or in partnership, World and European leadership positions in its markets. The company undertakes extensive research & development programs to keep pace with the fast evolving market including expenditure of 1.7 billion Euros in 2016.


For years Safran have overhauled, repaired and maintained Aircraft landing gear.
Traditionally the components have always been cleaned and degreased by large
aqueous spray washing equipment creating the following issues:

• Poor cleaning due to complex geometries not accessible to conventional atmospheric spray technology
• Extended cycle times 30-60 minutes with parts still being wet at the end of the cycle
• Huge water waste streams
• Large carbon footprint due to excessive heat requirements heating
significant quantities of waters.

The Solution

Our offer was for a large custom Solvac S1 with a tank size of 12’ x 36” x 36” deep.
• Unit was supplied with CCH’s new heavy payload hoist. The platform is capable of automatically processing a basket of parts with of weights up to 1 tonne!
• Solvent: HFE
• Cycle times reduced to as low as 5 minutes representing x9 more product
per hour!
• All Parts are now absolutely clean due to total immersion and the benefit of Martin Walter push-pull ultrasonic technology.
• Zero waste streams
• A small carbon footprint using a fraction of the energy consumed by water spray
• No water mains required


The machine has now been commissioned for over 3 months and reports from operators and management are extremely positive. We are currently in contact with Safran China in conjunction with Crest Malaysia, who will be placing more
orders very soon. Likewise, Gloucester will be ordering a 2nd unit in the coming weeks.

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