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The Solvac V

Hermetically Sealed Airless Technology

The Solvac V Series has been specifically designed for rotor cleaning but can be applied to clean other similar, dificult to clean components.

The system incorporates both vacuum distillation and drying technology. Ultrasonics can be fitted to enhance microscopic cleaning of difficult components.

The advanced PLC ontrol system can facilitate multiple optional cleaning cycles together with the ability to download and record specific cleaning data.

The system is extremely compact with a footprint dimension of just 100cm x 100cm x 100cm.

Typical Applications

Solvent Compatibility

The Solvac V has the ability to clean and dry components utilising both A3 Solvents or Halogenated Solvents.


A family run company backed by a global, market leading corporation gave us the confidence we needed to upgrade our existing cleaning equipment.

- Managing Director

 Case Study : Rotors
 News : Trichloroethylene
 Case Study : F1 Gearbox
component cleaning

A market leading Aerospace company contacted us with a requirement to remove internal light oils used in the manufacturing process of their rotors. We supplied several custom made machines fitted with flushing and vacuum drying capabilities to achieve amazing results.


Trichloroethylene is now a Category 2 Carcinogen and carries with it a number of risk phrases including "R-45 Risk Phrase May Cause Cancer", "R36/38 - Irritating to eyes and skin" and "R67 - Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness". We can offer you a complient, fully enclosed system which will keep you legal and more importantly keep your operators safe!

gearox cleaning application

A world class Formula 1 team got in touch when they needed an enclosed solvent cleaner to clean the gear boxes they use in their Formula 1 racing cars. Their complex structure required a fully automated system with basket rotation.